An excellent post on the perils of cherry-picking and what it means to cite and be cited well


A while ago I was part of a tweet conversation about being misquoted. I think it began with someone asking whether anyone had been misquoted and what it felt like. I said that I had, and volunteered to blog about it. Another tweeter, Greg @effectsofnaplan, if I remember correctly, asked if the issue was not one of misquoting but of misinterpretation. I took that on board and now, months later, here is the promised post. It’s taken a while because I’ve had to sort through a few issues for myself, and work out how to make the post constructive, and not just a whinge. Judge for yourself if I’ve managed that.

It’s always interesting to see yourself cited. This interest is, in my experience anyway, not primarily about whether the citataion might add to some kind of metric of academic worth. No, I think the interest comes from seeing which…

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