just a letter from 100 academics – some thoughts on ‘impact’ and ‘public engagement’

Making sense of nonsense: what can happen when academics stand up to politicians…


Last week, a letter with the signatures of 100 education academics was sent to the British newspaper The Independent. It offered a very abbreviated set of concerns about the development of the English national curriculum. The concerns expressed were not particularly radical, and were pretty much the same as those expressed by every subject association in the country, many of the select few who were consulted over subject developments, key leaders in the arts, and other academics.

The letter was highlighted in a short item in the main section of the newspaper and received some play on local and national radio. This was then followed in short order by: a column from a free school advocate; the release of the national curriculum consultation list; a press release from the Chief OfSTED Inspector and a press release and then a newspaper column from the Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The general tenor…

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