Case study based on my Karitane research published

Here is a link to a case study based on the ethnographic research I did (with Teena Clerke) at the Residential Unit of Karitane in Carramar, Sydney.

The case study is written for Governance International, and follows their suggested structure.

The focus is on how ‘coproduction’ is achieved at Karitane through implementation of the Family Partnership Model.

A short book, for practitioner, student and health educator audiences is available, (eg through amazon):

Hopwood N & Clerke T (2012) Partnership and pedagogy in child and family health practice: a resource for professionals, educators and students. Hertsellung: Lambert Academic Publishing.

A full monograph is in writing (by me) exploring lots of themes in relation to time, space, bodies, things, pedagogy and partnership! And a paper on time and rhythms, based on the same research will be published soon – details as soon as it goes live!


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