It is just a PhD!

Very readable and read-worthy post from a student who commented on one of my posts.

My research journey.

2012-2013 has been a crucial year in my PhD experience. Not only have I written my thesis, but my researcher persona has emerged. Despite that, I still feel like an academic fraud and my research assertions are very tentative.

Submission date is near and I am sick of the thesis. Thinking over the argument and making the links throughout the thesis has been challenging. Putting all chapters together has revealed inconsistences and different focuses through the long texts. Repetition, verbose texts and irrelevant information has been deleted. Then, signposting has been introduced. The thesis is still too long. What can I do?  Editing and reediting has been the answer. I have reworked on my claim and supporting evidence. Then, I have focused on the little big things: tables, commas, and references. Now it looks much better and nicer to read. But what about my contribution to knowledge?

The nature of…

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