New co-authored book on doing team ethnography published


Just a quick post to announce the publication of my 3rd book.

Doing ethnography in teams: a case study of asymmetries in collaborative research (Springer Press)

I wrote this one with Teena Clerke (who is first author), about what we learned from doing ethnographic research together.

The book offers detailed insights into ethnographic fieldwork, note-taking, analysis, and writing up – all from a perspective that explores collaboration through the idea of asymmetry: exploiting our differences as researchers.

I’d like to point out how important it is to me that Teena is first author on this book. Teena joined me in my ethnography at Karitane as a Research Assistant, funded through a research grant that was about developing collaborative methods in ethnography. While it is more common for research assistants to be second authors (or to disappear from authorship completely at times), in this case Teena took a lead on putting our book together, and so it’s right that she has the glory of being first author! Our asymmetries as different people and researchers continue to play out through single and joint authoring of publications relating to this work, on a text by text basis.

I think it speaks volumes about the nature of our collaboration, of how we conceived our roles and what ‘research assistantship’ can be, and of the significant contribution Teena has made to the project. Thanks, Teena!


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