ARC Grant Success!

About time I shared the exciting news: I have been granted an Australian Research Council DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) of $370,000! The project blurb and impact statement are below. I plan to write a post in the near future about the process of getting to this point (which involved a lot of rejection/failure along the way of course!), and to make clear the team effort that went into helping me shape up the proposal.

Meanwhile I’m very excited to have three years ahead of me following up on research that I feel really matters to the larger community, but which also enables me to pursue my curiosity around learning. (see UTS newsroom report on this and other UTS DECRA successes!)

Title: Creating better futures for children through effective parent education

Children born into circumstances of socioeconomic disadvantage are at risk of missing out on the developmental, educational and social opportunities that give them the best possible start in life. By helping parents in disadvantaged families to cope with adversity, parent education services can mitigate these risks, build resilience in families, and change children’s prospects for the future. This project will identify the most effective ways that parent educators can create lasting positive impacts for families. It will also find out what needs to change to make these best practices more widespread and cost effective, including learning from study of low-cost community-based services.

Impact Statement

The economic, social and educational benefits of intervening early in children’s lives to reduce the negative effects of disadvantage are well known. This project will increase the effectiveness of parent education services for families that benefit most from early intervention, and have most to lose if left unsupported. It will identify best practices in existing services and learn from low-cost models in order to increase positive impact on families and value for money in service delivery.





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