The great wall of rejection

The saga of my #rejectionwall continues! The tweet that spurned 250,000 impressions and 1,000 retweets is still making new things happen.

It was preceded by my shadow CV and followed up with a post on another blog (It’s all pretty funny), a post as part of the ‘How I Fail’ series, a re-post  on an Indian website and two different pots on the UTS Futures Blog (one is a video interview, and the other a written reflection), a piece in Failure Magazine.

UTS made a video with me and other academics reading out our rejections on camera. A bit like the mean tweets thing where celebrities read out insulting tweets about them, I found it really helped to step back, laugh, but also ‘own’ the rejection in a productive way. Kind of what the rejection wall did for me, but moreso.

I love the idea of a youtube channel just full of academics reading out their rejections, commenting on how unreasonable (or badly written, or unethical etc.) they are.

Anyone interested in making this a thing?!

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