The great wall of rejection

The saga of my #rejectionwall continues! The tweet that spurned 250,000 impressions and 1,000 retweets is still making new things happen.

The latest installment is here – from UTS’ U: Magazine.

It was preceded by my shadow CV and followed up with a post on another blog (It’s all pretty funny), a post as part of the ‘How I Fail’ series, a re-post  on an Indian website and two different pots on the UTS Futures Blog (one is a video interview, and the other a written reflection), a piece in Failure Magazine and then the interview and video for U: Magazine – produced by UTS, where I work.

The write-up brings together a few bits of the rejection story so far, and weaves them into the long and protracted story of rejections and failures in my career. There’s some new thoughts in there too.

What I really liked about it was that they got me and other academics to read out out rejections on camera. A bit like the mean tweets thing where celebrities read out insulting tweets about them, I found it really helped to step back, laugh, but also ‘own’ the rejection in a productive way. Kind of what the rejection wall did for me, but moreso.

I love the idea of a youtube channel just full of academics reading out their rejections, commenting on how unreasonable (or badly written, or unethical etc.) they are.

Anyone interested in making this a thing?!


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