6 excellent podcasts

Jen Harrison (she/her/hers) reached out to me recently, sharing the link to a recent digest she published of ‘6 PhD podcasts for surviving your dissertation‘.

There is a companion post on 10 essential dissertation blogs (featuring many greats like Thesis Whisperer, Research Whisper, and yours truly!)

What I really like about the selection of recommended podcasts is the diversity of approaches they represent, but also the diversity of authors and audiences. In particular, Jen’s list includes podcasts written by and for people of colour and women.

I also loved the way Jen foregrounded things in Muzak’s podcast about “writing production “writing and publishing productively, but with an emphasis on avoiding the culture of normalized burnout that is particular detrimental to women scholars”

Food for thought for me

I don’t think I had realised properly how my own blogging and making podcasts/YouTube videos could uphold cultures of normalised burnout – painting a picture of things within reach etc, when often they are not. It makes me think all the things I’ve shared about rejection and failure are even more important, but I also need to do more careful thinking about burnout and the way that associated pressures are not experienced equally by all scholars.

It also made me realise that my middle class, white, male voice might need some intentional balancing out in my blog here – watch this space 🙂

Thank you Jen for reaching out!


2 thoughts on “6 excellent podcasts

  1. Sally

    Thanks Nick, these podcast recommendations are just what I need right now. One of the complications of life for my family at the moment is supporting my father-in-law who has leukaemia. At least once a month we head to his place (three hours drive away) and do maintenance/fire hazard control on his bush block. I now have some nourishing podcasts to listen to, not only on the drive, but whilst out with the whippersnipper or pulling the weeds!
    Cheers. Sally


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