As well as doing research, I have conducted a couple of major evaluative projects:

Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice (CETL)

I led the final evaluation of Oxford’s CETL – a £3.5 million investment over five years. The evaluation focuses on the Centre’s achievements in relation to its goals, its contribution to the national CETL initiative, and the nature and process of institutional reform. The finalised report was submitted to HEFCE by the 31st March 2010, elements of which are available through the CETL’s legacy website.

Young People’s Geographies (YPG)

I was appointed to evaluate the Young People’s Geographies project in its first two years. The project, sponsored by the Geographical Association, represents one of the most significant recent curriculum reform initiatives in UK school geography. YPG developed an innovative approach to putting young people at the centre of curriculum making and constructing geographical learning experiences that were directly linked to young people’s lives.

The evaluation reports for Years 1 and 2 are available from the YPG website.