Research degrees opportunities

I have to roles relating to supporting students undertaking research degrees: Masters by Research, PhD, EdD.

First, I am a supervisor, and periodically have slots available to take on new students wishing to research areas that relate closely to my expertise and interests.

I currently have some capacity to take on new students, and am looking in particular for students with ideas for projects that align with my research interest areas as described below (ie professional learning and practice, or social resilience from a pedagogic perspective).

1. Professional learning and practice. What do professionals learn as they go about their work? How do they work collaboratively to solve complex knowledge problems? How can innovative pedagogic practices better prepare future professionals for the challenges they will face in work? My DECRA Project explores professional learning and collaborative knowledge work in the context of services for vulnerable families (and also addresses my second main area of interest, see below). The work I’ve been doing on simulation in health professional education addresses the latter theme.

2. Social resilience. How can we help at-risk families with young children? How can professionals work effectively to help foster agency and build resilience in families, so that vulnerabilities are mitigated, and so that children get the best possible start in life? My take on this is to see the process as a pedagogic one (involving learning), and this is the linked focus of my DECRA project.

If you’re interested in working with me, you could consider:

1. A project that fits directly alongside my DECRA – exploring similar questions and is focused on parenting services. Your project might take a different approach, or look at different sites.

2. A project that addresses the bigger questions I’ve mentioned above, but perhaps in other contexts (eg in other professions), or relating to simulation pedagogy (either in universities, or for  professionals as part of ongoing development)

Second, I am the HDR (Higher Degrees by Research) Coordinator for the School of Education at UTS. This means I have a number of School-wide responsibilities relating to HDR study, including admissions, pastoral support, developing research culture, and so on.

If you are interested in coming to study in the UTS School of Education, please see the relevant UTS webpage. I supervise with colleagues in the second area listed.



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