Videos, podcasts and prezis

Here is a list of the videos, podcasts and prezis I have published. They are all available to download or stream free of charge. I’ve listed them under different groups: Academic publishing, doing research, students in my class, theory, and  (future) child and family health professionals

 Academic publishing 

Basics of journal publishing

How to check journal ranking (ERA Zombie ranks)

How to check relative journal impact factor

How to never get published or cited (voice over slides), or Live presentation in Research Week 2015 by UTS Library (my talk starts 33:15, after excellent talk on key tips for publishing by Louise Ryan); you can watch the Q&A session here

Principles for effective and ethical peer review / giving feedback on academic writing

Panel member in plenary session for Academia – A Scholarly Life conference (about academic work more generally) – my talk comes in around 34:50, and I also contribute to the Q&A a few times!

Doing research

Good recording keeping in fieldwork (managing data collection) – also available in small file size for quick download

Qualitative Data Analysis #1 – the messy personal history of working with concepts

Qualitative Data Analysis #2 – what are you trying to achieve? The, any, or an interpretation?

Qualitative Data Analysis #3 – Simple but powerful analysis framework (based on this open access paper)

Qualitative Data Analysis #4 – to interpret qualitative data: 10 ways to be wrong (based on Schuum’s book) Download slides here

My adaptation of Hammersley framework for critical review of qualitative research (video with narration); just the prezi itself

Why I like Hammersley’s framework (podcast)

A four part framework for research design

Interview analysis: basics

Randomness and randomisation in social science

Nick’s commentary on Shenton (2004) Strategies for ensuring trustworthiness in qualitative research projects

For students in my classes (which is also for others on what I think about teaching and learning!)

My take on Flipped Learning

Welcome to Research Design 013112

Finding readings


Times, spaces, bodies and things in professional practice and learning: a quick introduction

A discussion about practice, knowing and learning (podcast)

Making ontology and epistemology easy to understand through music

For (future) child and family health professionals

Thinking through partnership in terms of learning: three resources

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