Index of Blog Posts

As well as information about my research, publications, and engagement, I make regular posts in a blog. It covers a range of issues relating to doctoral research and supervision, early career academic experiences, social science research methodology, academic work and publishing, and whatever else takes my fancy!

There is a list of most of my posts below, organised into topics (you can also look up the list of podcasts and videos): (NB. This index doesn’t include posts from other blogs that I have reblogged here)

Being a doctoral student   |   Doctoral supervision | Academic work and careers | Conference presentations | Writing and publishing | Research methodology | Practice theory

You can also use the links to most recent posts, category clouds, and archive functions at the side of the webpage. Or just click on home for the latest post.

Posts about being a doctoral / postgraduate research student.

PhD 3.0: Gardening and globally distributed funds of knowledge

There is no such thing as a doctoral student

Look before you leap: what you need to know about doctoral study

Habits of successful research students

Why you need to look for your thesis thief today (and regularly ever after)

It’s only a PhD not a Nobel Prize! – what does ‘doctoralness’ mean?

Thesis structure (social science)

Relationships and why they are important in PhD study

Posts about postgraduate research supervision.

Top 10 ways to annoy your PhD supervisors

How to be a crappy supervisor (guest post by doctoral student)

What are PhD supervisors for?

Why a good doctoral supervisor might make easy things harder

Supervisors helping students deal with journal rejection

Flipping supervision (giving students time to think about tough questions before they meet with their supervisor)


Posts about academic work and careers .

My Shadow CV (and why shadow CVs matter)

Your first academic job

Research excellence, awards etc

Look before you leap: secrets of academic work

How to (self) sabotage your academic career

Keeping up with research in your field (a lazy academic’s approach)


Posts about conferences .

Is your conference audience really listening?

How to bore your audience and make a terrible impression

A really terrible conference presentation

How to make your conference presentation more effective

Dealing with questions from the audience at conferences

Academics behaving well at a conference? Seriously?!


Posts about academic publishing 

Introduction to publishing in academic journals: trends, copyright, status, and peer review

Secrets of academic publishing (questions you’ve always wanted to ask!)

How to make sure you never get published

How to make sure your article never gets read or cited

Basics of journal publishing (impact, choosing journals, etc) – please note I have made an updated series of videos on this topic (see first link in this section above)

How to choose a journal for academic publication

How to diagnose and treat quotitis

Giving effective feedback on others’ writing / peer review

Current trends in academic publishing

Journal citations and impact factors: why they matter, and why they don’t make sense

Blogging and academic critique


Posts about research methodology .

Quality, parsimony and beauty in research

Ontology and epistemology: a way in through music

Ontology and epistemology: lasagne!

Ontology and epistemology: brilliant, yet annoying ideas

How do you know if qualitative research is done well? Quality criteria (podcast)

The Hammersley framework for critiquing (and designing) research, and why I like it

A 4-part research design framework (with link to Hammersley)

Metaphor and simple framework for research design

Ethnographic fieldwork

RCTs in education (response to Ben Goldacre)

Practice theory, knowledge and ethnography

Limits to RCTs


Posts about practice theory.

Schatzki in action

Annotated bibliography of Schatzki’s work on practice theory

Practice theory, knowledge and ethnography

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